GRY Institute of Pharmacy is a type of college that involves students in different extracurricular activities with their study by participating in annual function, annual sports & fresher welcome. In every step they maintain the Sanskriti of India. Another activity by the students is farewell to the final year students.

The Campus consists of several dimensions for student development, accommodation of girls and boys separately, seminar room & play ground. Besides there are special provision for the students such as conducting of Seminars, English coaching, Interview preparation, Communication skill development program etc.

Grooming means activity leading to skilled behavior and in other word activity of getting dressed, putting on clothes. It is a type of training which is given to the students to improve their dress sense, personality and behavioral changes, which will be helpful to them in the professional world. GRY Institute of Pharmacy helps the students to groom. Institute organizes fashion show in the cultural program of the annual function every year. Moreover there is one traditional day and another western day when boys and girls groom according to their tradition and as western interest respectively. This is participated & enjoyed highly by the students. Besides there are Mehendi competition and Rangoli competition which flash back their culture and tradition.