HOD: Dr. Sujit Pillai
Pharmaceutical chemistry is a branch of Pharmaceutical science dealing with the study of chemistry of medicinal compounds. This branch studies physiological or pharmacological action of drugs, with its known structure, analysis and standardization of drugs & pharmaceuticals.


HOD: Dr. Sridevi G. Aacharya
P.D.F :- Product Development & formulation:- This subject deals with basic information about pre formulation studies of dosage forms with convention dosage forms as tablets, capsules, packaging, validation & stability studies are also discussed. NDDS :- Novel Drug Delivery System :- In This subject an emphasis is being given to acknowledge the student of pharmaceutics specialization with latest drug delivery system such as micro spheres bioadhesive drug delivery system, implants, osmotic DDS, colon specific drugs delivery etc. An overview about ocular, Nanopulmonary.


HOD: Mr. Narendra Singh Bhadore
Pharmacognosy is the branch which deals with the cultivation, collection of crude drugs and isolation of phytoconstituents from different parts of the plants. Ayurvedic system of medicine deals with the treatment of diseases based on herbal medicine. Plant contains number of secondary plant metabolites & phytoconstituents in their different parts and by making extracts of these parts, we can treat different types of diseases.


HOD: Dr. Gopkumar Aacharya
This department deals with Quality assurance and covers all aspects from design, development, production, installation, servicing and documentation. Quality assurance includes regulation of the quality of raw materials assemblies, product and components, services related to the production and management, production and inspection process.


HOD: Mr. Prabhat Kumar Das
Pharmacology is the branch of pharmaceutical science which describes the mechanisms by which drugs act and relating these to their overall pharmacological effects and clinical uses.

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